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Are Your Dropbox Is Not Syncing Some Files?

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Dropbox is one of the prominent software which provides cloud storage services to its users where its users can store all their, confidential data and they can also create a backup for their windows as well. Users can store all their essential data such as files, videos, images, official data and many things on the Dropbox. The dropbox is one of the technologies which will help users to recover their data completely if their window has crashed down. But sometimes users face many problems in syncing their files as Dropbox is unable to do so. Some files do not get synced to their device.

Some users complain that the data is showing on the Dropbox account but is not syncing and is not showing on their windows device. If users also want to deal with this issue without any problem then they should contact the technical experts of dropbox through Dropbox support number  1-800-392-9127 toll-free otherwise follow the steps given below.

Instructions to follow provided by Dropbox customer service to solve this issue:

  • First of all, users need to know that the computer is connected to the Dropbox website and not directly with the cloud.
  • And now check the connection between the two.
  • And we you get know that your computer is not syncing then follow the below steps.
  • See if your Dropbox is actually running on the computer.
  • Check if the files you want to sync is in the Dropbox folder because Dropbox only syncs that files which are in the Dropbox folder and does not sync if it anywhere else.
  • Now users need to check the sync status, to do so, users need to hold the icon of the dropbox.
  • Dropbox also does not sync files which are already running so to successfully sync your files make sure that that file is not running on your device currently when the dropbox is syncing that file.
  • Also, users need to the illegal file names.
  • If the issue is still there then update your Dropbox.If users face any problem while checking the syncing statuses then call on Dropbox customer service number 1-800-392-9127 toll-free.

Dial Dropbox help number to get instant help!

If the issue still persists and users are not able to troubleshoot the issue in their dropbox then users can call on Contact Dropbox support 1-800-392-9127  toll-free.

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